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Business WiFi


Business WiFi solutions

Managed Corporate Wifi:

Tricom will install, manage, maintain, monitor, and secure your corporate WiFi.  We’ll conduct a site survey and install the proper number of access points in the best locations to provide maximum area coverage.

Key features:
Guest WiFi:
Offer free WiFi access to guests.  Guest WiFi is securely separated from all internal resources.  Bandwidth may also be limited to prevent internet over-consumption.

Secure Internal WiFi:
Secured WiFi for employee use.  Internal Wifi will have the same access to all internal network resources such as file servers, printers, and other network devices, but will be secure from outside access.  All network traffic is encrypted and network usage is recorded.  A whitelist of approved devices may also be implemented to increase security.

Hospitality WiFi:

Offer your guest complimentary or paid WiFi.  When a guest connects to your WiFi, a custom welcome splash page will load displaying your business information. Guests can then agree to your terms of service before gaining access, or enter a voucher code.

  • Offer different speed WiFi for different prices
  • Sell WiFi access directly from your splash page with PayPal
  • Provide unique one-time use voucher codes to each guest allowing for 24, 48, or 72-hour access.

Retail, Cafe, Restaurant WiFi

  • Offer free or access with purchase WiFi to your customers
  • Use Facebook WiFi to provide free WiFi and promote your business at the same time.  

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