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Managed WiFi

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Focus on your business, we'll manage the WiFi

Every business has internet and with that comes WiFi.  If your WiFi is for internal use only, then it needs to be secure from outsiders and hackers.  If you wish to share your WiFi with your visitors, then you need to be certain that their connection is safe, easily accessible and at the same time, separate from your own internal network.

Splash Page & Vouchers

One of the more popular methods of managing a public WiFi is through a guest portal.  A guest portal is a simple splash page that a visitor lands on the first time they connect to your company guest WiFi.  The will usually be asked to agree to your company terms of use before they are permitted to connect. 

A splash page can also be combined with a voucher.  A voucher is a simple, unique password given to each new visitor that they can use to access the guest WiFi network.  Vouchers can be preconfigured to automatically expire within a certain time period; from a few hours to a few days.  Companies may even issue vouchers to employees that never expire, but can be revoked by the employer when the employee leaves the organization.

Promote Your Business

Promote your business on Facebook with Facebook WiFi.  When customers connect to your free WiFi, they will be directed to your Facebook page where they can check-in.  Their check-in will show up on their Facebook timeline showing their Facebook friends that they were at your location.  Your guests will also have the option of liking your Facebook Page.
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Make Money Selling Access

You may also choose to sell WiFi access.  This is a popular option for many hotels and resorts.  Several options can be offered, from a few hours to a day or more.  Different pay tiers for speed as well.  Credit card processing is conducted by third-party vendors and deposited directly into your account.

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