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What if you lost it all?

Location: San Dimas, CA, USA

Today a customer, Sally, had an issue with her PC.  It would not start.  She would press the power button and nothing.  No lights; completely dead.  And to make matters worse, her entire QuickBooks and company files and documentation was located on her PC.

Sally's company does the payroll for their clients and they had to print out checks ASAP before their Friday deadline.  This put a great deal of stress on the situation.

Sally works on an HP Pavillion All-in-One PC, and given the time restraints, I decided the best corse of action would be to open the All-in-One so I could access the hard drive to get her files.  Sally is fortunate because the issue was a problem with the power switch and not the hard drive. Her data were completely intact.

But what if it was something more severe?  What if the hard drive was toast?  That would have had major ramifications for the firm costing 10s of thousands of dollars.  Or worse, it could have destroyed the entire company.

This is why having a backup strategy is so crucial in business today.  A local and cloud backup plan would cost a fraction of the potential loss that might occur should a disaster take place.  With technology, it isn't a question of if it will fail, but when it will fail.  Fortunately for Sally, we were able to save her data and the company occurred no loss, this time.  Suffice it to say, from now on all of Sally's information is being backed up and secured with Tricom.  Should an incident like this happen again, she will be prepared to handle it.  She can also sleep better at night knowing that her data is secure with Tricom and she is free to focus on more important matters.

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